Video Interviews

Video interviews for any job are now very popular, especially after the Covid where use of this kind of technology has become the norm. If you’re looking to relocate to a new Veterinarian job,  a video interview is sometimes one of the only ways to effectively communicate with a potential employer, meaning to bag that great job you have to ace that video interview the first time round.

We have pulled together 5 top tips for video interviewing that you cannot afford to ignore.

video interviews

  1. Simple Background

Remember the interview is about you and not where you are.  You do not want any unnecessary distractions and this includes windows, people walking past or bright wallpaper.  Make sure the background you choose is plain and simple so the interviewer can concentrate on you and you alone. Also, be aware of your lighting and sound to ensure you can be seen and heard during the interview

  1. Watch what you wear and how you look

Make sure you wear something business like if you are going for a professional interview.  It’s also important to make sure your clothes do not have any bright patterns that may distract from your face or may obscure the camera, stripes are also quite bad and often get distorted.  White can sometimes cause glare and should be avoided.

If you wear glasses make sure they are clean and do not cause any glare on the camera and if you wear make-up ensure you apply it so your face does not shine.

  1. Your environment

It’s imperative that you ensure the environment you’re in for the interview is quiet and free from unnecessary disturbances. Don’t schedule the interview for when the kids are due home from school or when your housemates are due home either.  Make sure you give people plenty of notice so they know to stay away at the allotted time!

  1. Test your equipment

Before you start the interview make sure your computer, camera and microphone are all working so as not to delay the start and make you look foolish.  There is nothing worse than someone fiddling with their equipment for the first 5-10 mins of a conversation and it does not say much for your organizational capabilities. It may even be worth setting up a trial run with a friend to get their opinion on the ambiance, sound, and picture quality. Remember to clean your camera to ensure a sharp picture and change that all-important username on your video interview platform to something formal and make sure it does not contain any in appropriate language

  1. During the video interview

It’s important to maintain eye contact with your interviewer and use the same body language techniques as you would in an interview.  Try not to obscure your face with your hands and make sure you look engaged and interested in the conversation you are always having.

It’s OK to use notes but try not to refer to them too often or wave them around and shuffle your papers too much.

If you need more help and advice about a video interview you may have coming up please contact our Vet team by filling in the  contact us form,  calling us on +1 (786) 7060905 or emailing us at [email protected].