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Who we are

Global Talent partners is a leading veterinary recruitment firm based in the United States matching Veterinary business with the right veterinary professionals to help both achieve their goals both in business and in their lives!

We cover a variety of roles in the Veterinary sector including Veterinarians, Associate Veterinarians, Veterinary Practice roles, and many Veterinary Specialist jobs.

We stand out from other recruiters in the healthcare industry with our well-known  5 -stage hiring process, and we firmly think that our method of hiring candidates differs from that of many other recruiters. We genuinely take the time to hear and comprehend the needs of our clients while providing them with a genuine consulting service.

Many veterinarians who use our services do so because they know they can depend on our knowledge of the Veterinary market to find them the perfect role. To help all of our job seekers make educated decisions about their careers, we assist them in exploring job options across all of the USA and Canada as well as exploring roles across a range of working patterns such as full and part-time employment, permanent and temporary positions, as well as mobile and remote assignments. We eliminate the stress from your job search by looking for positions on your behalf that meet your precise requirements. Job searchers can use our service for free, and all information provided to us is kept completely confidential. We never divulge any personal information to potential employers without our job seekers’ express consent.

If you would like to get in touch with the team to explore your recruitment journey please reach out by calling us on +1 (786) 7060905 or email us at [email protected].