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Global Talent Partners is the recruiter partner of choice for professionals across the USA and Canada.

If you’re looking for a Veterinary professional for your practice, we cover a wide spectrum of roles including Veterinarians, Associate Veterinarians, Emergency Veterinarians, Animal Health, and Veterinary Practice roles. Our offering is different from other recruiters as we make it our mission to build trusted long-lasting relationships with our client partners. We support all sizes of businesses from independent practices to national corporations with 100s of practices. Our unique 5 stage recruitment process  will find you the perfect candidate to help you drive your business forward and hit your goals.

How can we help you find recruits?

As said there are many ways to find veterinary industry staff, although this is often a challenge. The most common way is to advertise on a job board but this can be costly and you are limiting your reach to just job seekers who are looking at that moment for a new position.

Following our 5 stage recruitment process sets you up to attract the best, perfectly suited talent for your business. The perfect Veterinarian or Associate Veterinarian may not always be looking for a new job but if a prospect is put in front of them that ticks all their boxes for a new role they may consider a move. That’s where we come in! We talk to 100s of Veterinarians about your role including salary and the skills required. This approach allows us to reach many more people than a conventional job advert, meaning your reach to the potential market is increased exponentially is a greater choice of suitable professionals for your practice or hospital setting.

How do you ascertain if a veterinary candidate is a good fit for your practice or hospital?

To recruit a job seeker new to the veterinary profession, you will want to consider their educational background, professional experience, and personal qualities. Education: A candidate should have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from an accredited institution, and they should also be licensed to practice in the state in which they are applying. You should also consider what experience a candidate has when assessing their qualifications.

If you decide to recruit under your own steam, you will have to do all this work in your own time. The beauty of using a leading recruitment firm like us is that we take all this work off your hands and do all the hard work whilst you concentrate on running your veterinary practice. We fully register each candidate to ensure they have the right qualifications, licenses, experience, and type of person they are to ensure a good cultural fit into your organization.

Are you looking for a new Veterinary Job Opportunity?

Whether you’re job hunting for your perfect role or just looking for a change, we help professionals throughout every stage of their careers from graduates looking for their first jobs to veterinary specialists with many years of experience and those who have achieved executive level within their respective organizations. If you’re looking for flexibility, we can help you secure part-time, full-time, locum, mobile, and remote roles across the whole of the USA and Canada.

How do you get a job as a vet in the USA?

If you’re looking for a new Vet Job in the USA or Canada you must first ensure you have the correct qualifications which will mean you must have either graduated from an AVMA accredited school or you would have completed an educationally equivalent certification program. To check if you have the correct qualifications, please contact us  and one of our specialist recruitment consultants will be happy to help you explore your options.

What types of Vet Jobs can you apply for?

If you have the correct qualifications and licenses we have several roles you can apply for to help you achieve your career goals.

Small companion animal vet roles see Veterinarians looking after smaller family pets such as sick dogs, cats, and rabbits. You could work in a practice, clinic, surgery, or hospital setting and choose to do a clinical-only role or take on some management responsibility in the practice. You can also choose to work part-time, full-time, or even consider a mobile role where you would visit the pet in the comfort of its own home

Large Animal vet roles are often carried out at the place where the animals live be it a farm or industrial setting. Some large animal vets work at large animal hospitals that are specifically set up to deal with larger breeds of animals such as cattle, horses and sheep, pigs, and goats

Veterinary Specialist Roles are for Veterinarians who have chosen to concentrate on one particular field in veterinary medicine such as cardiology or orthopedics. You would need to have done a further study to receive board certification in your chosen specialty in post-veterinary school programs.

Exotic animal vets are specifically trained to look after pets such as reptiles, smaller pocket pets, and birds. Some may train to work specifically with exotic and zoo pets in wildlife or specific zoo habitats

Laboratory Veterinarians work behind the scenes as pathologists, diagnosing infectious diseases and working with big industries on such things as animal feeds. They may not be visible to the general public but they play a vital role in the lives of animals across the world.

We aim to take the stress out of the recruitment process for our clients and our candidates to help you hit your life and business goals. Whatever your situation we can help so please do get in touch to see how we can help your particular situation and how we can develop a bespoke solution to fit your specific staff hiring problem.

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