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Alexandra Villa

Emergency Veterinarian

GTP have been so incredibly helpful in my search for the next chapter of my career. When I first applied to what is now my new position as an ER Veterinarian, I was only 6 weeks postpartum with my first baby. Most would agree that it is crazy to undergo so much change in your life with a newborn- my new position meant relocating a newborn and four pets to a new state, selling our home, and finding a new one. My husband and I agreed that we would only go through with the move if every single detail fell into place and felt “easy”.

They played a major role in making the transition feel easy and needless to say, I start my new position today. I sincerely recommend anyone looking for a new position to work with GTP. They made communicating my wants and needs to a prospective employer easy and ensured that they would give me exactly what I desired for a hiring package. I felt like I had a friend helping me through a decision that would change our lives.


Thank you for everything.