Expert Spotlight: NAVLE Prep with Dr. Sy Woon

Hello, fellow NAVLE contenders! As we continue our prep journey, we’re excited to introduce you to Dr. Sy Woon. A veteran in the veterinary field and an ally in our NAVLE prep journey, Dr. Woon will be guiding you through Canine Osteoarthritis in our upcoming webinar session.

Get to Know Dr. Sy Woon

Dr. Sy Woon is more than just an expert; she’s a fellow vet, a mentor, and a guide. With an impressive array of roles from hosting The Secret Lives of Vets™ Podcast to serving as the Medical Director of Angel Wing Vets L.A., Dr. Woon’s contributions to the field are vast. Her focus on animal welfare and ethics, along with her research on humane vet education, reflect her holistic approach to veterinary medicine.

NAVLE Prep with Dr. Woon

Dr. Woon’s expertise in Canine Osteoarthritis makes her the ideal guide for our NAVLE prep. Her unique approach, blending theory with practical case studies, promises to be an engaging and insightful session.

Save the Date for NAVLE Prep Webinar

We’re hosting this insightful webinar with Dr. Woon on Monday, November 20th.


Here’s when you should log in: 12:00pm PST, 1:00pm MDT, 2:00pm CST and 3:00pm EST

This is your chance to learn from a fellow vet, clear our doubts, and get NAVLE-ready.


NAVLE Victory Awaits!

NAVLE may seem intimidating, but with a seasoned vet like Dr. Woon leading the way, you will be ready to ace it. So join us at the Global Talent Partner Vets’ NAVLE prep webinar, dive into Canine Osteoarthritis, and let’s claim NAVLE victory together!

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