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Why Use Global Talent Partners?

Global Talent Partners is the recruiter of choice for healthcare companies across the USA and Canada. We recruit over several healthcare sectors including Veterinary, Medical Devices, Optical, Audiology, Doctors, and Dentistry but our philosophy and recruitment process remains the same across all our divisions.

We understand that there is a methodical five-stage approach to recruitment, which, if followed correctly, will ensure the best chance of a successful hire for both you and your candidate.

Our approach to recruitment is different from many other agencies. We take the time to listen, and understand, our client’s requirements, offering them a genuine advisory service.

Our recruitment process explained

Finding a high performer is just one part of the recruitment challenge. Some companies can attract these candidates but are unable to keep hold of them. This is because they overlook some of the crucial stages to successfully retain their ideal member of staff.

We always encourage our clients, looking to recruit healthcare professionals, that the process is a FIVE stage ongoing process. Having this in place allows you to attract, recruit, and onboard the right people – and then retain them.

STAGE 1 - Find

Source the high-performing candidates YOU want to work for you; you don’t just have to settle for whoever is looking at your adverts. Your perfect candidate may already be in a role and may not know about your job until it is put in front of them. We make contact with these passive job seekers so you have a much larger pool of candidates to choose from.

STAGE 2 - Attract

Make sure your workplace is one that high performers want to work in; develop your reputation as an “employer of choice”.

STAGE 3 - Recruit

Select your new employee from your shortlist of fantastic quality candidates, following a thorough interview (and possible assessment) procedure.

STAGE 4 - On-board

Ensure your new staff member is assimilated thoroughly and properly, to maximize their motivations and inspire them to perform to the best of their ability.

STAGE 5 - Retain

Ensure your employee remains stimulated and challenged by being a part of your workforce, so they will wish to stay working for you for the longest time possible.

To enquire about how we can help your healthcare organization attract and retain top talent get in touch with our team today on +1 (813) 5500433 or email us at [email protected]