Our Recruiting Process

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A high performer can be found, but that is only one aspect of the recruitment problem. While some businesses are successful in luring these applicants, they struggle to retain them. This happens when they skip some of the essential steps needed to keep their ideal employee on staff.

We constantly remind our veterinary clients looking to hire veterinary professionals that the hiring process consists of FIVE stages and is ongoing. Having this in place enables you to attract, recruit, onboard, and retain the best candidates.


STAGE 1 – Finding Veterinary Candidates

You don’t have to settle for just the people who look at your ads; you can find the high-performing employees YOU want to work for you by utilizing a recruitment service. Many job seekers are not looking to move until the right role is put in front of them. Getting yourself in front of these passive job seekers will expand your candidate pool exponentially.

STAGE 2 – Attracting Veterinary Candidates

Build your reputation as an “employer of choice,” and make sure your workplace is one that high performers want to work in.

STAGE 3 – Recruiting Veterinary Professionals

After a rigorous interviewing (and possibly assessment) process, choose your new employee from your shortlist of excellent applicants.

STAGE 4 - On-boarding Veterinary Professionals

To maximize their motivation and encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities, make sure your new employee is integrated fully and effectively into your veterinary business.

STAGE 5 – Retaining Veterinary professionals in your organization

Make sure your employee is motivated and challenged by being a part of your team so they will want to stay on as long as they can.

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