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Alexa Makaafi

Veterinary Recruitment Consultant

+1 872 7104077


Hi my name is Alexa and I introduce Veterinarians to the best hospitals across IL, IN, KY, OH, VA, WV, WI, MI, MO & KS.

I have been working as a recruitment consultant since 2017 and I find immense satisfaction in connecting talented individuals with their ideal career opportunities.

My passion for this field stems from a belief in the transformative power of the right job match—how it can enhance an individual’s life and propel a company towards its goals. I thrive on the challenge of identifying and attracting top talent, and facilitating that perfect fit between candidate and employer. My journey in recruitment has allowed me to cultivate meaningful relationships with both clients and candidates.

I am driven by the opportunity to listen to people’s career aspirations, understand their unique skill sets, and guide them towards fulfilling roles. Witnessing the growth and success of those I have placed is very rewarding and reinforces my commitment to the profession. Being a recruitment consultant also allows me to make a positive impact on organizational culture and performance.

By carefully matching candidates with the right cultural and professional fit, I contribute to building strong, cohesive teams that drive business success. This aspect of my role is especially fulfilling, as I know that my efforts play a part in shaping the future of companies and the careers of individuals.

Ultimately, my enjoyment as a recruitment consultant comes from the blend of challenge, relationship-building, and the tangible results of my work. It’s a profession that not only leverages my skills and expertise but also aligns with my values of helping others and making a meaningful difference in their lives.

My spare time is mostly spent being a mum to Lola and Kingsley and having an avid interest in my sons passion to become a professional footballer! I love to travel and have spent the last year ticking off Mauritius, multiple Italian cities, Paris and Barcelona to name a few.